Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter Round Up

Welcome to the Winter Round Up. This is a chance to look back at the posts from the last three months and catch up on any posts you might have missed.  You can also check out the previous round ups for Spring 2013, Summer 2013, and Fall 2013.


If you missed the big news, my new eBook, Boost Your Photography: Learn Your DSLR is now available from Amazon! Carrying the style and tone of the Boost Your Photography web site into a full-scale book, Learn Your DSLR will help you get the most out of your camera. Read the full announcement here or jump on over to Amazon and check it out!

The Top 5 Top 5

We kicked off the New Year with a look back at five collections of Top 5 posts from 2013. Each of these top 5 lists has great details and links back to each of the top posts.

Top 5 "How To" Photography Posts

Top 5 Informational Photography Posts

Top 5 Guest Posts on Photography

Top 5 Instant Inspiration Posts

Top 5 Travel Photography Posts

For Beginners

This is a collection of posts geared towards beginners or those who want to learn to do more with their camera. Many of the 'Tips and Tricks' and 'Inspired Ideas' posts will also be applicable. You can find other posts geared toward Beginners here or in the tab up top.

Know Your Aspect Ratio
(How to Crop)

Must Have Accessories for Your (New) Camera

Improve Your Photography for Under $20

Tips and Tricks

Advice for getting the most out of your camera and your photography. You can find more Tips and Tricks posts here or in the tab up top.

How to Photograph Outdoor Holiday Lights

Creative Christmastime Photography

How to Take Better Snow Photographs

Favorite Photography Books and Authors: part 1

Favorite Photography Books and Authors: part 2

Boost Your Photography in the New Year

Inspired Ideas

This is a collection of posts containing ideas, both those that you can implement immediately and those that require a little more time, effort, and potential planning. You can find more Inspired Ideas here or in the tab up top.

How to Freeze and Photograph Bubbles

Fun with Fizzy Fruit Photography
Master the Heart-Shaped Shadow

All about Bokeh (the basics)

5-Minute Heart-Shaped Bokeh

Foldable DIY Light Tent

Guest Posts

During the winter, I became a regular contributor to Digital Photography School. These are my posts that were published over on their site in the last few months.

Using Sun Flares and Starbursts to Create Stunning Images

Jumpstart Your Photography:
Start a 365 Project

Perspective in Photography: don't just stand there, move your feet!

How to Use Lens Flare to Your Advantage

Beyond Full Moon Photography: shoot the moon all month

Do You Need to Upgrade to the Latest Camera?

Black and White Book Club

During the month of February, a group of photographers participated in a Black and White Book Club discussion of Michael Freeman's The Complete Guide to Black and White Photography. Participants read the book, took photographs, and discussed their thoughts and ideas on this blog, the Photography Book Club Flickr group, and Each of the posts below summarizes a section of the book and includes exercises and suggestions for improving your black and white photography.

Introduction to the Black and White Book Club

BW Book Club week 1:
fine art, abstract
BW Book Club week 2:
normality, street photography

BW Book Club week 3:
elements of design

BW Book Club week 4:
low key and high key

BW Book Club week 5:
putting it all together

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