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Welcome to Boost Your Photography's "For Beginners" page! Here you will find an index of previous posts that are geared towards beginners and those who want to learn to do more with their camera. More posts are always being added, so check back often or follow by email, RSS, or social media.

Just upgraded to your first DSLR? Then you might want to start with our first section: Starting Out with Your New Camera. Have you had your camera for awhile but are looking to figure out how to really maximize its potential? Then you might want to jump down to some of our more in-depth sections, like Camera Settings and Strategies and Beginning Photography Advice.

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Starting Out with Your New Camera

Congratulations on your new camera! This series of posts will get you out and shooting beautiful pictures right away, as well as answer some of your burning questions (and maybe even a few you did even realize yet to ask). Click on any image or description below to read that post in full.

Which Settings to Use:
Remember Camera Zero

Why Won't My Lens Focus?
Solve Your Focusing Issues

Must Have Accessories for Your (New) Camera

Learn Your Camera Lens:

Learn Your Camera Lens:
the lens

Learn Your Camera Lens:

Camera Settings and Strategies

Now that you have started shooting and using your new camera, the next step is to understand exposure and the camera settings that contribute to the success of your final image. In the end, every photograph comes down to three camera settings: your aperture (how much light your camera lens lets in), your shutter speed (how long you are shooting the picture), and your ISO (how sensitive your camera sensor is to recording that light). These posts will help you understand all three and how to use them to improve your photographs.

Aperture and the F/Stop Conundrum

What an Aperture of F/1.8 Can Do for You

What an Aperture of F/22 Can Do for You

Middle Apertures:

Focus on

Deciding Just Where to Focus: Focus Points

Shutter Speed:
an overview

Shutter Speed
Creative Ideas for Shutter Speed
Creative Ideas Using Shutter Speed

All about Exposure

More about Exposure

Explaining Exposure and
Exposure Compensation

What the ...
White Balance?

Teaching Kids

Teaching Kids Photography 2



Strategic White Balance

Demystifying the

Capturing Motion

Beginning Photography Advice

These posts contain useful advice and recommendations that will benefit your photography.

Keep Your Camera and Sensor Clean

Know How Long Your Camera Batteries Last

Why and How to Tag Your Photographs

Remember the Background:
Move Your Feet

Zooming vs. Cropping: Perspective in Photography

Know Your Aspect Ratio
(How to Crop)

Depth of Field:
it's more than just aperture

Getting Started with
Macro Photography

Diptych: Double
the Power of Your Photograph

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