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Welcome to Boost Your Photography's "Tips and Tricks" page! Here you will find an index of previous posts that are geared towards advice and other photography tips and tricks. If you want to learn the secrets behind a specific shot, check out our Inspired Ideas section. More posts are always being added, so check back often or follow by email, RSS, or social media.

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Tips and Tricks: Photography Advice

This series of posts offers suggestions and advice for photography issues and questions. Click on any image or description below to read that post in full.

Keep Your Camera
and Sensor Clean

Know How Long Your
Camera Batteries Last

Top Tips for Camera
Memory and Storage

5 Inspiring Ways to
Display Photographs

Gift Ideas

Where to Order
Photography Gifts

Improve Your Photography
Be Accountable

Photography Is ...
Thoughts about Photography

Why and How to Tag Your Photographs

Better Before /
After Photographs

5 Must Read Articles
on Food Photography

Better Back to
School Photos

How to Shoot Your Children
(with a Camera)

Find Time for
Photo Books

How Do You Do
Black and White?

Must Have Apps to Assist Your Photography

Blue Hour

An Introduction to
Night Photography

Tips and Tricks: Equipment and Easy Upgrades

Everyone loves to talk about equipment in photography. This series of posts covers everything from potentially large purchases (like lenses and light tents) to some very small purchases that can have a big impact on your photography.

Improve Your Photography
For Under $20

Yes, You Need
a 50mm Lens

Improve Your Photography
Use a Polarizer

Your Tripod

Tripod Review

Get a Remote
Shutter Release

DIY Photography
Light Tent

Square Perfect Photography
Light Tent

Easy Upgrade:
Tri-fold Board

An Introduction
to Filters

Tips and Tricks: Composition

Great composition is at the heart of great photographs. Composition is much more than a simple list of rules that restrict your photography. Check out these articles below to gain a better understanding of how to use the principles of composition to your advantage.

Know Your Aspect Ratio
(How to Crop)

Remember the Background:
Move Your Feet

Zooming vs. Cropping: Perspective in Photography

Top Tips for
Portraits and Posing
Creative Ideas for Shutter Speed
Creative Ideas Using 
Shutter Speed

Photographing Architecture:
Watch Your Lines

Rule of Thirds

Leading Lines

Composition: Fill the Frame


The Line: elements of
visual design, part 1

Shape: elements of
visual design, part 2

Form / Volume: elements
of visual design, part 3

Texture: elements of
visual design, part 4

Tips and Tricks: Macro Photography

Macro and close-up photography is an interesting and exciting branch of photography. These posts will help you get the most from your macro and close-up shots as well as offer some inexpensive alternatives to purchasing an expensive macro lens.

Tips to Improve Your Macro Photography

Macro Fakery:
Background Creation

Focus Stacking for
Macro Photography

Cheap and Easy Macro:

Product Review:
Close-Up Lens Set

Getting Started with
Macro Photography

Tips and Tricks: Books and Book Clubs

This series of posts covers favorite photography books and our month-long Photography Book Club series of posts. Even if you missed the book club, you can always follow along on your own time by clicking on the posts below.

Boost Your Photography:
Learn Your DSLR

Favorite Photography Books and Authors: Part 1

Favorite Photography Books and Authors: Part 2

Introducing the Black and White Photography Book Club

BW Book Club week 1:
fine art, abstract
BW Book Club week 2:
normality, street photography

BW Book Club week 3:
elements of design

BW Book Club week 4:
low key and high key

BW Book Club week 5:
putting it all together

August Photography Book Club

August Book Club: week 1

Reflections on Week 1

August Book Club: week 2

August Book Club: week 3

August Book Club: week 4

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