Saturday, October 11, 2014

Photograph the Seasons

The smell of autumn is in the air and the leaves are falling. Seasons is this week's topic for the Boost Your Photography: 52 Weeks Challenge. Below is a quick list of useful posts to help you make the most of the changing seasons.

  • Capture the Season: Rephotography. Take the time to find a favorite spot and get the perfect autumn shot for your seasonal collage. Start now and return over the course of the year to make an amazing commemorative collage.
  • Capture a Day in a Single Image. Similar idea, but do your entire series in an individual day. Read the article for detailed tips on how to easily accomplish this series of photographs and combine them.

  • Photograph the Harvest. Celebrate the changing seasons by visiting a farm and capturing the harvest as it happens.

How are your seasons changing? Share a link or a photograph in the comments below, or consider joining the BYP 52 Weeks Google+ Community to share your weekly photograph and see what others are capturing.

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