Wednesday, January 6, 2021

12 Days of DSLR Day 12: At-Home Photography

Not sure how to push yourself and learn more about your DSLR while staying at home? Never fear! There are unlimited ideas of ways you can push your creative boundaries within the confines of your home. 

Welcome to the 12 Days of DSLR! We’re revisiting and updating 12 of our most popular posts to give you the jumpstart on making the most of your DSLR camera. This series is aimed at first-time DSLR owners as well as those who want a little more guidance for how the make the most out of shooting with a DSLR.

Day 12: At-Home Photography

One of our most popular subsets of posts here on Boost Your Photography is our Inspired Ideas section - one-off articles about a particular style or type of photograph to try. Many of these were designed to be tackled at home or can easily be adapted for the indoors. 

No Prep At-Home Photography Ideas

Food Photography. Use these simple tips and tricks to create incredible photographs of food from home. 

Photographing Interiors. Harness your inner decorator and make your home look dazzling with these interior photography tips.

Shoot a Successful Selfie. Most of the examples from this post were ones I shot inside. A tripod and remote trigger are handy but not required. 

Start a Photography Project in the New Year. This is a round up of several different photography projects to consider committing to for more long-term growth.

Creative Christmastime Photography. Still have the lights or the tree up? (I definitely do.) Then you might enjoy some of these holiday-themed photography ideas. Practice for next year's Christmas card!

Minimal Prep At-Home Photography Ideas

Create Your Own Bokeh. Scroll to the bottom for ideas of bokeh shots using holiday lights. Then take it to the next step with Shaped Bokeh and 5-Minute Heart-Shaped Bokeh. What's not to love?

Master the Heart-Shaped Shadow (in time for Valentines). Have a book and a colored filter or other large ring? Capture charming heart-shaped shadows in minutes.

Fun with Fizzy Fruit Photography. These are so bright and cheerful, they make me smile. Have some sparkling water (or leftover champaign) to use? Then you're all set!

Spoon Reflection Photography. Spoonflection! Spoon + paper (or a tablet) = mind-bending images.

Water on CD refraction. Water + CD = amazing, colorful photographs!

Droplet Refraction. These are super fun too. I used a piece of glass from a picture frame, some cups, and some leftover scrapbooking paper. The possibilities are endless.

Slow Sync Photography. This unusual style of shot allows you to create ghostly and mysterious images without any post-processing.

How to Photograph Ghosts in a Single Shot. While moody lighting is often easier outside, you can see an example shot indoors as well. Or, if you have access to Photoshop or other editing software, try this Spooky Levitation How To.

Some Advanced Planning Required

Foldable DIY Light Tent for Photography. One of our all-time most popular posts. You likely have all the supplies you need already - a cardboard box, tissue paper, and two desk lamps are the key ingredients. Endless opportunities for fascinating images and product photography shots.

Easy Set Up for Formal Newborn and Kid Photographs. Get professional-style results from the comfort of your own bedroom or living room! I love my backdrop kit and use it for individual and family-style portrait sessions with adults and older kids too.

5 Easy Tips for Better Sunrise and Sunset Photographs. Ok, this is stretching the definition of "at-home" a bit, but you might have just the right positioned window ... 

How to Photograph Frozen Bubbles. This is more advanced-waiting then planning, but if you can get the right weather conditions, you're all set. (These were shot on my apartment's balcony, which qualifies as "at-home" in my book.)

Check out the rest of the 12 Days of DSLR! 

Want to learn more? Boost Your Photography: Learn Your DSLR is available from Amazon. Get the most out of your camera with practical advice about the technical and creative aspects of DSLR photography that will have you taking beautiful pictures right away.
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