Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentines Photography Fun

Valentines is just around the corner! Spice up your celebration with these fun photography ideas From the Archives.

Heart-Shaped Shadows

All you need is a light, a book (or other decorative surface), and a lens filter or other circular ring. Get all the details here for How to Master the Heart-Shaped Shadow.

Heart-Shaped Bokeh

You too can create fun heart-shaped bokeh. All you need is 5 minutes, a 50 mm lens, and some paper for 5-Minute Heart-Shaped Bokeh.

Flower Photography Tips

Wondering how best to capture your Valentine's bouquet? Look no further than these 5 Tips for Better Flower Photography.

Hearts On Fire (Literally)

For the adventurous, declare your love in matches and flame! (Or your angst, depending on how your day goes.) Either way, you can do so artistically - and safely - with these tips for How to Photograph Fire and Matches.

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