Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Top Posts on Lenses and Accessories

Today's post highlights top posts covering lenses and accessories. Previous top posts have  covered camera settingsapertureexposurephone photographyDIY photography hackscompositiontop photography ideas, and macro photography..

Top Posts on Lenses

  • Yes, You Need a 50 mm Lens. The most-viewed lens post on Boost Your Photography features the "nifty fifty" or 50 mm lens. This versatile and inexpensive lens gives you incredible bokeh, a fast aperture, and tack-sharp image quality. Find out why a 50 mm lens should be on your must-have list.

  • Camera Lenses: what's in a name? You can learn a lot about a camera lens from its name. This post answers all of your questions about camera names, abbreviations, and what you will want to use that information for when choosing and evaluating camera lenses.

Top Posts on Accessories 

  • Must Have Accessories for Your (New) Camera. The top-rated post in accessories provides a quick overview of all the must-have accessories that you need for your DSLR camera. Whether you are just starting out or have had your camera for awhile, make sure you are prepared with these essentials.

  • An Introduction to Filters in Photography. There are several main types of filters commonly used in digital photography. Find out about UV filters, circular polarizers, and neutral density filters, faders, and split NDs and when to use them.

  • Product Review: Square Perfect Light Tent. A light tent is an incredible photography tool. This post provides an in-depth review of the Square Perfect Light Tent kit, including example shots taken with this light tent.

  • Travel Photography Must Haves. Ready to travel with your camera? With these must-have accessories, you will be sure to come home with all the great photographs that you wanted.

  • Top Tips for Camera Memory and Storage. Memory is critical to digital photography. Find out how to keep your photographs safe with these important tips and advice for camera memory and safe storage.

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