Monday, January 19, 2015

Top 5 Posts on Photography Composition

In honor of the New Year, Boost Your Photography is spending the month of January featuring collections of top posts across a variety of topics. Today's post highlights top 5 posts about composition. Previous top posts have  covered camera settingsapertureexposurephone photographyDIY photography hackslenses and accessoriestop photography ideas, and macro photography.

Top Posts on Composition

  • Composition: Rule of Thirds. The rule of thirds is a great beginning guideline for composition. This post looks at how to use the rule of thirds - and how to break the rule when necessary. 

  • Top Tips for Photography Portraits and Posing. This excellent collection of posts focuses on issues and advice for photography portraits and posing. Get great ideas for posing individuals, children, groups, and more, as well as don't-miss tips on photography mistakes to avoid.

  • Composition: Fill the Frame. Fill the frame is a great composition technique for many situations. Learn how and why to use fill the frame to create interesting and memorable photographs.

  • Aspect Ratio: think of the crop before you shoot. You need to understand aspect ratio if you are planning to print your photographs at various print sizes. Do you know the aspect ratio of your camera? This post will show you everything you need to know, including a handy infographic with a range of final print sizes.

  • Zooming vs. Cropping: perspective in photography. Perspective is a huge part of photography composition. Zooming with your lens and moving your feet will create different effects than simply cropping a photography later. Find out how to use perspective to your advantage.

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