Monday, November 10, 2014

Posts Elsewhere: Battery Life and the Tamron 18-270mm

This has been a busy week, and I wanted to share a few articles of mine published elsewhere, that you might not have seen yet, including my debut article as a contributor for Craftsy.

Help Your Digital Camera's Battery Life Last Longer

You can't take pictures without your camera battery, and this post gives you a whole series of useful tips for how to get the most battery life each time you are shooting. Click the pin above or the link here to read the full article.

Tamron 18-270mm

Digital Photography School has been running a series of occasional posts featuring photographers sharing the ins and outs of their favorite lens. My go-to lens is the Tamron 18-270 mm, and this article will introduce you to its features and incredible versatility. (The vast majority of my photographs, including those used for this site were taken with this lens.)

If you are interested in upgrading, you may also want to consider Tamron's newest contribution, the 16-300 mm lens (also available packaged with other accessories) for even more range! These all-in-one zooms are an incredible value and great for the photographer-on-the-go who wants versatility without the need to change lenses.

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