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5 Inspiring Ways to Display Photographs

Sometimes I think photographers are the worst at displaying their own photographs. We are happy to give away prints as gifts or create photo books to share with grandparents or family members, but how often do we stop and print some of our own work for our own enjoyment? This post is a collection of inspiring ideas to get your photographs off of your hard drive and into your house!

5 Inspiring Ways to Display Photographs | Boost Your Photography

Where to Print Photographs and Photography Gifts

Before you get into all the inspiring ideas below, you may want to take a minute to review these two articles about where and what to print. The first article, Photography Gifts for the Holidays, provides an overview of some of the common photography prints and gifts available from online retailers. From basics like prints, canvases, and cards, this article also introduces you to some of the more varied options like calendars, mugs, and even pillows or blankets!
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The second article, Where to Order Photography Gifts, provides my overview of three of the most common online photography retailers in the US: Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Cafe Press. The article also opens with some overall advice about uploading and ordering photography gifts and how to navigate such sites. This is a good prerequisite before jumping in to your first online orders.

But, with that out of the way, let's jump into the great ideas for what to do with your photographs!

Create a Poster Collage

A collage poster is a great way to display a series of photographs. You can create a collage around a common theme, a common item, or simply a common trip or location. Read the full article, Photography Collages: start a collection, for more tips and ideas.

Create a Framed Collage

Another way to display a large collection of photographs is to create a framed collage series. This post from Captured Simplicity, Ideas for Wall Collage on Stairway, offers a variety of looks for arranging a group of framed prints in an inspiring and attractive way. I love her additional suggestion of using a collection of wallpaper or designed paper as "fillers" for empty frames while you are building your collection of shots. (Click the article title, above, for the whole article or click the image to see the pin.)

This next article, Decorating with Portraits, provides a great diagram of ideas for creating clusters of photographs around the house. Melissa Davis also provides some "real world" applications of her diagrams, so that you can really see the impact of grouping and displaying photographs together. (Click the article title, above, for the whole article or click the image to see the pin.)

Create a Flexible Display

Want to display a large number of photographs without the fuss of frames? Try this low-key idea: a simple clothesline and clothespins creates an easy but fun way to show off your photographs. This idea from Julie Ranee can be found in a longer article about her farmhouse renovation: Industrial DIY Farmhouse in Ohio.

Be Creative!

This one is by far my favorite, and the one project that I am really hoping to get to soon. The article, Personalized Photo Map by Cut, Craft, Create, walks you through the entire DIY process. I think the trickiest part would being sure to print each state at the appropriate scale to avoid cutting anything (or anyone) important out of the picture, but I envision this being a really fun project to add on to over the years. (Click the article title, above, for the whole article or click the image to see the pin.)

Do you have a creative idea for displaying photographs? Share your idea or link in the comments below!

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