Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 5 Instant Inspiration Posts on Boost Your Photography


The third post in our Top 5 collection of posts from 2013 features a collection of "instant inspiration" ideas: photographs that you could take right now, today, likely using only materials and supplies that you already have lying around. (Previous Top 5 posts include Top 5 Travel Photography Posts and Top 5 Informational Photography Posts.)

#5: Puddle Reflection Photography


Reflections are a popular photography subject. But if you thought you needed a giant lake and still, clear water to get that perfect reflection, than Puddle Reflection Photography will be a welcome relief. All you need is a small amount of water - even a gutter puddle will do, and this is a technique that works really well with point-and-shoot cameras as well as DSLRs.

#4:  Shoot a Successful Self-Portrait


Self-portraits, or selfies, are a great idea for when you need immediately inspiration. All you need is yourself and a camera. But, if you want to go a little more beyond the 'turn camera around and shoot your face from arms length,' then this post on how to Shoot a Successful Self-Portrait is for you.

#3: Make the Shot: Spoon Reflection Photography


Spoon reflections or spoonflections are a fun and creative photography idea that you could do right now. All you need is a spoon and an interesting surface to set it on. This post on Spoon Reflection Photography covers, in-depth the camera settings and techniques to use to get the best results. A great idea to spice up a bored indoor photography day!


This clever photography idea combines two great creative endeavors: photography and poetry. Use the books around you to create, arrange, and compose a Found Book Poem. The possibilities are endless, and you may find that the limited word choice stretches you in powerful ways. 

The Whales
Black and White
Learning to Swim in Swaziland
To See the Moon
Many Waters


The most popular post covering immediate photography ideas was this one featuring ... the humble tri-fold board. Tri-fold boards are best known from Science Fairs and school presentations, but they make wonderful backgrounds and reflectors for photography. Read on about this easy photography upgrade to see why a simple tri-fold board is a great photography investment.

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