Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spring Round Up

Ok, I know it's July and the height of summer, but this post is a chance to look back at all the posts published last spring. Perhaps you'll find something new that you missed the first time around.
Spinning Fire with Steel Wool Photography
For Beginners: explanations and overviews geared towards those wanting to get more out of their photography. Many of the 'tips and tricks' and 'inspired ideas' are also applicable.
Why Won't My Lens Focus?
Tips and Tricks: advice for getting the most of your camera and photography
Maximize your Tripod
Inspired Ideas: how to make the shot with specific photography ideas
Shoot the Moon with the Photographers' Ephemeris
Guest Posts on Inexpensive Close-Up Photography
Lego and water crown captured with a +4 close-up lens
Travel Photography
Signs can be humorous as well as informative
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