The Boost Your Photography 52 Weeks Challenge (#BYP52Weeks) is an opportunity to grow in your photography by committing to take and share one photograph a week for a year. Though the challenge began in May, you are welcome to jump in at any time.

* Update: We are launching a 2015 version of #BYP52Weeks starting in January! *

You can join the BYP 52 Weeks Google+ Community via Google+ to share your weekly photograph and see what others are capturing. It's a great way to make a commitment to grow in your photography and to receive comments and feedback from other photographers. Join here: BYP 52 Weeks Google+ Community or join the January 2015 reboot.

The following is a list of previous #BYP52Weeks themes. If you are just starting out, you can choose to jump in with the weekly theme or to start from the beginning. Most weeks also have a linked article on Boost Your Photography that offers helpful tips and guidelines.

Focus (Week 1) - read Focus on Focus and Deciding Where to Focus
Exposure (Week 2) - read Explaining Exposure and Exposure Compensation
Shutter (Week 3) - read Shutter Speed Guidelines and Creative Ideas Using Shutter Speed
ISO (Week 4) - read ISO Basics
Rule of Thirds (Week 5) - Composition: Rule of Thirds
Leading Lines (Week 6) - read Composition: Leading Lines
Fill the Frame (Week 7) - read Composition: Fill the Frame
Orientation (Week 8) - read Composition: Orientation
Framing (Week 9) - read Composition: Framing
Aperture (Week 10) - read Aperture
White Balance (Week 11) - read Strategic White Balance
Monochrome (Week 12) - read Black and White Photography: Shoot or Post-Process?
Histograms (Week 13) - read Demystifying the Histogram
Sunrise/Sunset (Week 14) - read 5 Easy Tips for Better Sunrise and Sunset Photography
Landscapes (Week 15) - read Improve Your Landscape Photographs
Motion (Week 16) - read Capturing Motion in Photography
Street Photography (Week 17) - read Street Photography
Blue Hour (Week 18) - read Blue Hour Photography
Macro (Week 19) - read Getting Started with Macro Photography
Architecture (Week 20) - How to Photograph Architecture
Diptych (Week 21) - read Diptych: double the power of your photography
Portraiture (Week 22) - read Portrait Photography Basics
Depth of Field (Week 23) - read Depth of Field: it's more than just aperture
Seasons (Week 24) - read Photograph the Seasons
Night (Week 25) - read An Introduction to Night Photography
The Selfie (Week 26) - read Shoot a Successful Self-Portrait
Line (Week 27) - read The Line: elements of visual design, part 1
Shape (Week 28) - read Shape: elements of visual design, part 2
Form / Volume (Week 29) - read Form and Volume: elements of visual design, part 3
Texture (Week 30) - read Texture: elements of visual design, part 4
Color (Week 31)
Program mode (Week 32) - read Shooting Modes: part 1 - Program Mode
Shutter mode (Week 33) - read Shooting Modes: part 2 - Shutter Priority
Aperture mode (Week 34) - read Shooting Modes: part 3 - Aperture Priority
Manual mode (Week 35) - read Manual Mode - go for it!
Natural light (Week 36) - read Ideas for Natural Light Photography
Directional light (Week 37) - read Using Directional Lighting
On-Camera flash (Week 38) - read Tips for On-Camera Flash
Off-Camera flash (Week 39) - read Round-Up of Off-Camera Flash Advice
Still Life / Interior (Week 40) - read Photographing Interiors
Mundane (Week 41) - read Photography Inspiration: explore the mundane
Unfamiliar (Week 42)
Decisive Moment (Week 43) - read The Decisive Moment
Seeing in Black and White (Week 44) - read Seeing in Black and White
Details in Black and White (Week 45) - read Details in Black and White
Light in Black and White (Week 46)
Macro in Black and White (Week 47) - read Black and White Book Club week 4
Sepia (Week 48)
Calm (Week 49) - read Theme and Photography
Joy (Week 50)
Despair (Week 51)
Hope (Week 52)

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