Saturday, August 23, 2014

Street Photography

The gauntlet has been thrown this week for the Boost Your Photography: 52 Weeks Challenge: street photography. Street photography is considered one of the most intimidating styles of photography: taking the photographer out of his/her comfort zone by getting out in public, interacting with strangers, or photographing on the fly. Even if you have never thought of yourself as a street photographer, you can learn a lot about yourself and your photography by giving it a try. Pushing yourself to try new things is a great way to grow.

Street Photography | Boost Your Photography

What is Street Photography?

Street photography is generally understood to mean a style or method of photography where the photographer is out of a studio environment (often but not exclusively on the streets) and capturing moments as they happen (often of strangers). Many street photographs are taken (or processed) in black and white and evoke the earlier days of film photography.

Tell a Story with Street Photography | Boost Your Photography

Street photography is all about telling a story. Many street photographs focus on interesting people, interesting locations, and interesting patterns. There are many different strategies and styles for street photography. Street photography is not a strength of mine, so I will turn the rest of this post over to three street photography experts. The three articles pinned below provide an overview of street photography, amazing example images, and some technical tips to help get you over your fear and into street photography.

Eric Kim

Eric Kim is highly regarded street photographer, who teaches street photography workshops to others and inspires with his amazing portfolio. If you want to learn about street photography, spend some time on his site and with his images. Or, if you want a short-cut approach, you can check out some of his many insightful articles over at Digital Photography School. One of my favorites, 10 Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer, is also pinned below.

Valerie Jardin

Valerie Jardin is another incredible photographer, known for her street photography work and workshops. Her approachable writing style will inspire you and provide meaningful advice. A great place to start is her How to Approach Street Photography in 12 Easy Steps, pinned below.

Michael Walker-Toye

Still feeling nervous about trying street photography? Professional London photographer Michael Walker-Toye has the answers and encouragement you need. In Practical Tips to Build Your Street Photography Confidence, below, he shares his inside tips (my favorite - follow the tourists, then act like one).

Street Photography: take a deep breath and go for it

The challenge has been thrown. Get out of your house, out of your comfort zone, and give street photography a try this week. Like what you shoot? Share a link or a photograph with us in the comments below! Or consider joining the BYP 52 Weeks Google+ Community to share your weekly photograph and see what others are capturing.
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