Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New: Summer Photography Challenge!

Winter's 4 Weeks to Better Photography email course was such a big hit, that I'm starting another month-long photography challenge for the summer. Join us for June or July and a month-long Summer Photography Challenge!

The goal of each Summer Photography Challenge is to give you daily motivation to get out, get shooting, and capture some amazing and memorable images! The daily word prompts are arranged by week, and you'll receive a weekly email  with tips and ideas for how to tackle that week's challenges.

  • Week 1: Color. Pay attention to the colors of your world and seek out a different one each day.
  • Week 2: Daily Life. Capture the routines and small moments of your everyday this week.
  • Week 3: Emotion. Get abstract with this week's descriptive word challenges.
  • Week 4: Single Subject. Ready for the ultimate challenge? This week you will try to achieve each day's word challenge by using the same subject throughout the entire week.

Be Accountable: get a photo buddy (optional)

New for this challenge, you can choose to be partnered up with a small group of other photographers to take on the challenge together. Sharing images with others is a great way to push yourself to achieve, and being accountable to someone else is sometimes that extra motivation you need to pull your camera out and keep working at it.

If you choose the "sharing" option for either month, you will receive a group email with the names of other photographers interested in being assigned to a small group for the month. You are committing to communicating at least once a week with your buddies, whether that means sharing an image or two from the week, asking questions, or offering support and ideas. This is a low-pressure way to get some feedback while gaining some cheerleading support along the way! [You will receive your group's names at the beginning of the month. New sharing groups will not be created after a challenge is underway.]

Interested? Use the signup form below and choose whether you'd like to join the challenge for June or July (or even both, if that's your fancy). "Not sharing" means you will get the emails but not assigned any buddies, while "sharing" means you agree that I can share your email with a small group of other interested photographers (3-4 folks).

Join us for another great month of photography exploration!

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Hope you'll join us!
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