Saturday, April 29, 2017

Great Advice for Printing and Displaying Photographs

One of the best things about digital photography is the sheer quantity of images you can take, but one of the downsides of digital photography is how often those images remain locked forever on your phone and/or computer without ever seeing the light of day!

This great roundup of posts From the Archives will help you get the motivation and knowledge you need to get your best images printed and out into the world in physical form.

Comparing Online Photo Printing

For this two-part series, I sent the same series of digital images to several companies that offer photography prints. Part one, Where to Print Your Photographs, lays out the retailers used as well as the basic services and prices for each one.

Part two, Best Options for Printing Your Photographs, provides the head-to-head comparisons of the prints that I received. Find out if your favorite retailer makes the cut!

Beyond Prints: Photography Gift Ideas

There are so many other ways to share your photographs than just basic prints. This post, Photography Gift Ideas, lays out a wide variety of other media to consider with your photographs (think cards, canvases, calendars, and more)!

Find Time for Photo Books

Photo books and albums are another great way to share and preserve your photographs. This post will help you carve out the time to make high-quality photo books no matter how busy you are! Find Time for Photo Books.

Inspiration: Photography Displays

Now that you know where to print all your fabulous images, find out how best to display and showcase them with this post on 5 Inspiring Ways to Display Photographs!

Want more? Click here for more great collections of posts From the Archives.

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