Saturday, August 17, 2019

Find Your Photography Style - join the Fall Photography Challenge!

What's your photography style?

It's one of the biggest and most open-ended of all photography questions. For some photographers, you know right away. You see their portfolio or see an image and instantly recognize it as theirs. But for many of us, it can seem like you're just groping around in the dark, trying to figure out what it is that makes your images "you."

This September and October, Boost Your Photography is offering a photo-a-day challenge geared around a month's worth of different photographic styles. It's a great opportunity to push yourself to try new things in your photography, as well as a way to affirm what styles do (and even do not) work for you and the kind of photographer you want to be.

The Fall Photography Challenge will run during both September and October 2019. The prompts and emails will be the same for both months, but this gives you the option to choose the month that works best for you - or go for a double-shot and really push yourself!

You'll receive a weekly email with tips and articles for how to tackle that week's challenge words. A daily photography challenge is a great way to keep yourself motivated and do new things with your photography! Hopefully you have some fun exploring your personal photography style.

Be Accountable: get a photo buddy (optional)

Back by popular demand, you can choose to join a smaller group of photographers and take on this challenge together. Knowing someone else is waiting to see your images is sometimes the extra push we all need to get up and get shooting! Plus it's a great way to get feedback and inspiration from others.

If you choose the "sharing" option, you will receive a group email with the names and emails of other photographers interested in being assigned to a small group for the month. You are committing to communicating at least once a week with your buddies, whether that means sharing an image or two from the week, asking questions, or offering support and ideas. This is a low-pressure way to get some feedback while gaining some cheerleading support along the way! [You will receive your group's details at the beginning of the month. New sharing groups will not be created after a challenge is underway.]

Interested? Use the signup form below and choose whether you'd like to join the challenge for September or October (or even both, if that's your fancy). "Not sharing" means you will get the emails but not assigned any buddies, while "sharing" means you agree that I can share your email with a small group of other interested photographers (generally 3-4 folks).

Join us for another great month of photography exploration!

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Hope you'll join us!
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