Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Year Ago on Boost Your Photography


  • Photography Inspiration: explore the mundane. March can be a month sorely lacking in photography inspiration, at least here in Wisconsin - winter is dragging on into a muddy mess. Find out why the "mundane" can make a great inspiration!


  • The Winter Round-Up. This compilation post has links and overviews of all the amazing photography posts from the previous three months, all in one place.
  • Shutter Speed: an overview and visual reference: this popular post about shutter speed provides an overview of the various shutter speeds, as well as recommended situations for each. This advice is then collected in one easy-to-understand visual reference chart. A great place to start for understanding shutter speed!
  • Tips to Improve Your Macro Photography: Last year we focused on "Macro March," and this post full of tips kicked off the month. Learn quick, practical advice for improving your macro and close-up photography shots.

  • Focus Stacking for Macro Photography: Focus stacking is an innovative post-processing technique for combining a series of macro or close-up photographs into one image with a much greater depth of field. This post will walk you through the basics to create incredible focus-stacked images.

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