Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Year Ago on Boost Your Photography


  • Find Time for Photo Books. Now is the time to get started turning all those incredible photographs into permanent, printed books! This post will help you over the hurdles of beginning, planning, and arranging to move you towards completion. Holidays gifts, here you come!

  • The Line: elements of visual design, part 1. This month-long series explores different elements of visual design, beginning with the most basic: the line. Read on to find out how to use lines to improve your photography.

  • Shape: elements of visual design, part 2. This post moves the conversation about visual design from the one-dimensional line to two-dimensional shapes. See examples of translating images and scenes into their component shapes.

  • Photography Collages: start a collection A collage can be a great way to display and share your photography. Think about a common topic, theme, or style that can unite your collage. This post includes further details and examples to inspire you.
  • Photography Is .... What does photography mean to you? Read my reflection on how photography is timing, patience, and luck. 

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