Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Year Ago on Boost Your Photography

April marks the 12th and final month for the original Boost Your Photography 52 Weeks Challenge! Or, jump in for a re-boot of #BYP52Weeks starting off at the beginning in January! #BYP52Weeks 2015 will spend April exploring different types and subjects of photography, including sunrise, sunset, landscapes, motion, and street photography.

  • Product Review: Square Perfect Light Tent. This light tent kit is an easy way to take fantastic photographs of smaller objects, especially for product photography. A light tent is a must-have if you are trying to photograph objects for sale, such as on Etsy or eBay. This is a review of the light tent kit that I personally own and use.

  • Series of Posts on Light Tent. This post is a quick overview to multiple posts about light tents both here, on Boost Your Photography, and guest posts of mine for Digital Photography School. Find out how to use a light tent properly, how to create a DIY version, and a direct head-to-head comparison between DIY and professional light tent kits.
  • Tell a Story with Easter Photographs. This post provides ideas for better Easter photography, as well as how to focus your images around creating a story-telling narrative. *Bonus* directions for unique, tie-dye Easter eggs.


Wow, we've now made it through another year here at Boost Your Photography! A Year Ago posts will now feature posts published during these same few weeks during any previous year. Enjoy!

Make the Shot: close up eyeball | Boost Your Photography
  • Make the Shot: Close-up Eyeball. Our first 'how to' post provides step-by-step directions (and set up information) for taking a close-up or macro photograph of your own eyeball. 
  • Travel: What's Your Sign? Our first live post, this one provides ideas and inspiration for photographing signs when you travel.

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