Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flipped Reflections

I don't know about you, but we have been having a ton of rain lately. Looking for a creative take on all that rain? Try a flipped reflection!
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Flipped Reflections

A flipped reflection is created by photographing a reflection in the water. These types of shots work best when you focus your composition around only the reflection, but you can also include small amounts of context, such as part of the surrounding bank or shore. You do not want to include much (or any) of the actual scene being reflected. The final step is to rotate the final photograph, generally 180 degrees around, so that the reflection appears to be right-side-up.

These types of shots work best when you can simplify the composition and zero in on just the reflection. Eliminate unnecessary clutter and beware of other 'give aways' that will immediately cue the viewer in to the flip.

Comparing the two images above, you can see that the fallen leaves in the upper version are an immediate give away that the photograph has been flipped. For the lower version, I changed where I was standing slightly and zoomed in to cut out the leaves and eliminate most of the real scene. Now it takes your brain an extra minute to process the ripples in the trees.

It is this movement and ripples in the water that gives these types of shots a painterly look. You should also think about trying both horizontal and vertical compositions. Keep your eye out for this type of shots - you might be surprised at the fun you can have!

Looking for another great rain-related photography idea? Click to read about How to Create Incredible Puddle Reflections. Have a favorite flipped reflection? Share a link in the comments below!
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