Monday, March 31, 2014

A Year Ago on Boost Your Photography

Welcome to a new alternate-weekly post: A Year Ago on Boost Your Photography. Now that we have passed the one-year threshold, this series will provide a look back at the week that was (or weeks that were) for previous years of posts and information. This series will alternate on Mondays with another new addition: compilation posts of great photography resources and articles from around the web.


  • Make the Shot: Close-up Eyeball. Our first 'how to' post provides step-by-step directions (and set up information) for taking a close-up or macro photograph of your own eyeball. 
Make the Shot: close up eyeball | Boost Your Photography

  • Travel: What's Your Sign? Our first live post, this one provides ideas and inspiration for photographing signs when you travel.
Travel Photography: What's Your Sign? | Boost Your Photography
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