Saturday, September 28, 2013

50th Post and 6 Month Blogoversary!

This post marks the 50th post since launching the Boost Your Photography blog just over six months ago. In honor of this accomplishment, here is a look back at the top 5 posts so far, based on overall page views. Did we miss your favorite post?  Let us know in the comments!

Number Five ... Travel: What's Your Sign?

Signs can warn you of many dangers. This collection includes warning signs about glaciers in New Zealand, cliff edges in Yellowstone National Park, and electric train rails in Germany.
This was the inaugural live post back on March 27th, 2013, and it's popularity likely reflects many of the first initial visitors to Boost Your Photography (thank you!). But then again, who doesn't love photographs of awesome warning signs with falling rocks and ice and ... ?

Number Four ... Light Painting: how to spin an orb

The aliens have landed ... and they are spinning themselves in circles!
This is one of my favorite photography tricks, and I love how with a just a little bit of plastic and a $7 LED you can generate such fantastic and surreal results. I was also grateful that no one came home and was using our apartment garage when I was down there filming my 'how to' instruction shots ... because believe me, you haven't experienced awkward until you are standing alone spinning a flashing keychain in an empty garage, pointing a tripod at yourself. But I think the final visual was really helpful in trying to explain the process. You be the judge.

All four of me concentrate on spinning a perfect orb.

Number Three ... Photography Inspiration: Found Book Poetry

A world of wonders
A swiftly tilting planet.
Every living thing,
Joyful noise.
Absolutely normal chaos:
You come, too.
This is such a simple but immediately addictive idea. Gather a stack of favorite books (or just some with potential humorous or insightful titles). Arrange thoughtfully. Photograph. Presto! Instant poetry. I had so much fun with this and all the titles in my classroom library. This post also got picked up on a few art and poetry-related blogs including my super-creative colleague's Art is Basic blog and a mention on Honeybee Lane. A little cross-creative-pollination.

Number Two ... How to Shoot the Moon with the Photographers' Ephemeris

Moonrise over Madison by Archaeofrog. Available for purchase.
The full moon is a delightful subject to shoot but after my first few attempts I realized suddenly that I wanted more. I loved seeing the moon rise and reflect above our local lakes, but I wanted more than a moon rising above nondescript trees. I wanted the skyline.

Enter the Photographers' Ephemeris. This wonderful program (free for desktops but costs for the portable app) allows you to visualize moon rise, moon set, sun rise, and sun set from the location and date of your choice. Knowing I wanted to get the moon over downtown, I could figure out exactly where I needed to stand across the lake to make that happen. Endless possibilities.

And finally, without further ado, I present the number one blog post of the first six months ...

Number One ... Spinning Fire with Steel Wool Photography

Steel Wool Photography - bring your friends (and a bucket of water, just in case)
Nothing else says dedication to photography and getting the shot than tromping off through the woods with a backpack full of steel wool and some wire whisks. The results are just spectacular, and it's a great communal activity if you can wrangle some fearless friends or fellow photographers to join you.

As a special treat, here's a bonus image from a follow-up steel wool photoshoot that uses an enclosed area to really show off how sparks can bounce.

Constrained Steel Wool Photography
And finally, what's a celebration without a few fireworks?  And, in honor of the most-read post, why not also confine them for fantastic results?

Happy 50th Post and 6 Month Anniversary!

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